Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The last two mornings have been spent at parks! Daphne has decided she only likes to swing and NOTHING else. All I can say is my arms are tired. We have had to go out cause the weather has been beautiful. I hope it stays that way. 
Yesterday was fun because we got to see an old friend from Dominica. Tanya lives right down the road from us so we may be seeing more of her and Baby Dominic this summer.
Today was play group and the more time I spend with these girls the more I love them. Today we got to fight for our children together because a crazy squirrel kept coming over and trying to eat food out of their little hands. The kids thought it was hilarious, us moms on the other hand didn't. I really didn't want my baby to get rabies or something. It was such a fun day though.

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