Saturday, March 30, 2013


Heidi (Mom) and Jennifer

When we got here to Atlanta one of the first things I wanted to do was find a group of girls that wanted to have a playgroup. I knew it was essential for me to do to keep my sanity. The first time we went to church a nice girl came up and asked if I was the new girl that wanted to start a playgroup. I don't know how she new, but I said yes and she made it happen. We have had a play date every week except a couple weeks in December(for obvious reasons). I have wanted to post about these girls for a long time but, this was the first time we have ever taken pictures.

Stephanie(mom) and Emory

We decided to have a little Easter Egg Hunt and it turned out so great. A lot of girls were missing this day which is sad, but we still had a great time.

Sorry Daphne is half nakey, she made a huge mess at lunch.
We always have such a great time and I really love all the girls. Lunch is always served and the kids are always tired and ready for naps when we head out. They all play really well together which is so nice, especially since we have such a large group. We usually have nine moms and ten kids so it gets crazy sometimes, but its always fun.

The brunettes are Erika(mom) and Rosalyn and the blondes are Rosie(mom) and Braelynn.


  1. So fun! Small world- I totally know Stephanie Hoyt from BYU! I went to nursing school with her. Daphne is sure growing up so cute!

  2. Are they pregnynt too? That would be fun!