Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where in the world is Tracy San Diego?

Johnny keeps telling me I'm turning into "one of those bloggers". By this he means I need to write on my blog. After Christmas I had the best of intentions. I mean we had a visitor and we had done some fun things while he was here too. But then I wanted to wait until I got all the pics from him (still don't have them by the way, JOE) then I got pretty sick and did nothing cause I felt to awful and here we are now. 
Life is pretty much the same old thing. Johnny has started his Internal Med rotation. Daphne is growing up too fast while I enjoy watching her do it. 
I promise to tell you all about Christmas when I get some pictures. (You all know how I hate writing posts without pictures.) After that is done I will start to touch base with you more often.

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