Our Family

Johnny and I met, fell in love, and married very quickly, within six months. We knew we would be together forever from our second date. I believed we were made for each other and continue to feel that way to this day. We knew we both wanted to have kids, but had a hard time getting to that point. After two and a half years of trying, and multiple miscarriages, in December of 2010 we finally had hope!
I had just lost another precious little baby, and had about given up hope when I started having a feeling that something was not normal. I FELT pregnant. I was shocked, because it had always taken so long for me to become pregnant again, but I knew even before the test came up positive. I also felt very strongly that this time I would finally make it to motherhood. I don't know what was different, but I just knew. Johnny was a little more hesitant than me. He knew how much it hurt us every month it didn't happen and every time I lost a baby and he didn't want to get our hopes up again. 
Time went on and I made it past the first trimester and then the second trimester pasted by, then the the third came and went. Daphne was born to us July 22, 2011. We love being parents and she is the sweetest part of our life.

Daphne Lois is the 1st child of John and Tracy Cochran. She was born July 22, 2011 weighing 7.9 lbs. and  at 19 inches long. She is precious to Johnny and I. She is so much like her daddy very smart and very serious, and she looks so much like him. She is a very easy baby. She rarely cries and is a good eater. She loves being held and sung to. She loves her paci and hates her bassinet. She was put on oxygen when she was a few days old due to low O2 sats and was taken off the O2 after a month and was otherwise a healthy baby.

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